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    I adore the emotional connection between people... in all it's forms. A newly engaged couple with hearts shooting from their eyes, the father of the bride quietly wiping tears away during the ceremony, the just married couple taking the first moment away from the amazing chaos of their wedding day to look at each other and just soak it all in! The brand new mom holding her days old baby and staring forever into that tiny face... the toddler who so carefully hobbles her first steps as Dad stands off camera with his arms stretched wide.... the siblings who laugh and tease each other, and though they may not act like it, we all know that there is love there.

    I get it... have three beautiful babies (or, not so babies anymore - but they always will be), and I remember it all in frames - pictures of them throughout their little lives seared into my memory.

    Through my journey, I've realized there are those moments you think you want captured - everyone smiling and looking at the camera, and I'll get those, for sure.... but I'm paying attention to the in between, those times you think are unimportant... the ones where you let your guard down, where you kiss your sweetie a little longer, where you dance and absentmindedly run your thumb over his, because you're just so content. Where you glance over at your husband in awe of this tiny person you have made together, and you smile because it's just so amazing... or that moment when you're snuggled up with your brand new baby, or toddler who runs ahead squealing, only to suddenly turn back and come crashing in for a hug.

    It's those moments that are real. And I promise you, twenty years from now... those are the ones that will bring you back to that moment - why you were laughing, what the room smelled like, how your baby's super soft hair felt on your fingers. The in between is what matters, and that's what I want to give you.