Emma and Ayla | Twin Newborn Photography CT

Calming just one baby can sometimes be challenging enough, but trying to get these two little teensy girls to sleep at the same time almost gave me a run for my money.  They seemed to have a little twin telepathy going on, and as soon as one was snuggled up and asleep, the other decided it was party time, and then they’d switch.  Luckily their parents were super laid back, and we just waited and took it easy and it totally paid off.  These two little girls join their older (and absolutely adorable) big sister who was an awesome helper the day I was there.

And just so your not fooled by that last sweet sleepy shot above, this is what was really going on.  Silly little miss was totally onto me!

stephanie - LOVE these shots, Crista! Three beautiful – feisty – baby girls! :)

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